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New Arm Candy

I am not the biggest¬†jewelry¬†wearer and I do not even put on my watch every day, even though I really love it. Recently however I could not help to notice the “arm candy” trend everywhere and I have to say – I really like it (I used to wear a bunch of bracelets when I was younger after all). So I used the trip to the States to stock up on a few cute bracelets and came home with some real gems. But see for yourself… ...
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Slipper(ry) Times

After I saw those great shoes here (thanks Vicky, I love your sense of style and we have such a similar taste that I actually also got the Zara shoes after I had seen and liked them before as well) I decided to get them when only my size was left on Asos. I liked Sam Edelman shoes for quite a while. Last year I was tempted to get the studded pumps called “Larissa” (see here) but never got around to it. But having started a new ...