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Skin Rescuer

Since a couple of weeks I am testing the Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer, a “stress-minimizing daily moisturizer”. So, I got this product send by a store by accident. I had ordered something else (a makeup case from Laura Mercier – so I do not understand how they could mix that one up, but well) but got this instead and after I talked with the customer service they send me the right item and I was allowed to keep this lotion, as ...

Kiehl’s Oil-Free Range

Vicky recently presented one of Kiehl’s new products on her blog, the ultra facial oil-free lotion. The other day I ran by our Kiehl’s counter by pure accident as I was looking at the counter next to it (it used to be an Origins one, and they are leaving the store and a lot of things were heavily discounted). But when walking by the Kiehl’s counter I could not help put notice the display for the new oil-free range, ...