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My 5 Favorites – Blush Edition

So I decided to start this new little series because I love reading similar posts on other blogs and I also love video editions of favorite products of one category (I am therefore implying that I definitely did not come up with this “idea” by myself but just wanted to also do my own version of it). I will post blog posts on this little series every time I was able to film, edit, and upload a video, which comes together with the ...
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A Perfect Match

Benefit recently launched their new line of ultra plush lip glosses complementing their “Box o’ Powder” blushes. They come in six different colors (CORALista, dandelion, dallas, sugarbomb, bella bamba, and hoola), matching the design (and the color of course) of the blushes. I decided to the CORALista gloss, as I also do have the CORALista blush and I was intrigued by the idea of matching blush-gloss-option. The other ...