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Do I Really Need This?

We just came back from our vacation in Barcelona. We had an amazing trip including a great hotel, awesome food, a decent amount of sightseeing, a trip to the beach, and last but not least a substantial amount of shopping. Yes, BOTH of us (believe it or not, but the fiancĂ© is a typical Dane when it comes to fashion and knows exactly what is “in” and what he needs/likes) do like to hit the stores and can do some (shopping) damage ...
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Birthday Presents and Germany Haul

No, I did not abandon my blog. Now that we are back to “daylight saving time” and that it is becoming warmer (and sunnier) I will be back into my regular picture-taking-and-blogging-routine soon. I actually already started taking pictures of the Burberry products I bought in London, I was just waiting for good light to take pictures of me wearing them as well. So bear with me a little longer – it will soon be back to normal ...
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Here we go with some highlights of the last few days: 1. new running shoes with my name on them / 2. Pringles while studying / 3. good German beer from the area I am from / 4. the meal, which came with the meal – yummi / 5. InStyle US June edition / 6. Bobble water bottles / 7. my colleague brought me the latest InStyle editions from Germany / 8. in front of my office in Christianshavn, Copenhagen / 9. Frig and Hagbard wanted to play ...