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Goodiebox Denmark – May

I am loving me my monthly “Christmas” day, when my Goodiebox is arriving. As always with those boxes sometimes you like one more, and sometimes you like one less. I was especially impressed with this last Goodiebox, after a few not so good ones. The May edition was a “summer” one, and came in a yellow box (the second colored box after the last one, which was pink) and I love those colored ones WAY MORE than how they ...

Goodiebox Denmark – May 2012

Yesterday I got my first Danish Goodiebox – and I could not have been more excited. I was waiting for something like the German Glossybox to come out here as well. (I am getting the German Glossybox delivered to my parents (as they do not deliver to Denmark) – but where is the fun if you have to wait 3-4 months until you are at your parents’ place to open the box, right?  But back to the Danish Goodiebox: this was only ...