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Low Carb Pizza

So, I “stole” this little recipe from Claudia from BeautyButterflies, who is currently living on a low carb diet. As I currently have a bit of time due to studying because I like to distract myself from studying, I though I give this a try as well. I stuck (almost) 100% to the descriptions and amounts in Claudia’s blog post, however I would do a few things differently next time (but where and what I will be writing below where it belongs). ...

July on Instagram

So I sorted through my Instagram pictures the other day and saw that I have quite a few nice pictures on there I thought I share with you (if you do not follow me on Instagram anyway – my name is officialsarah). Food (left to right, top to bottom): Miracoli. Ecological chicken – so yummi. Pancakes with cream and strawberries. Summerbird pralines for winning the team challenge on the team building day. Fresh berries with cream. ...

Wraps a la Sarah

As the boyfriend’s workplace does not get food delivered anymore, it is up to him to bring something to eat in his lunch break. As he is usually so busy he often forgets about it or sticks to very simple things like meatballs, fish filets, etc. But as eating somewhat properly is super important, even more if you are as busy as him, I thought I am a good girlfriend and make him some finger food, which is yummi but still (mostly) ...