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A Sense of Smell

After I acquired my latest perfume in Florida I though it is about time to show you my current and long-time favorites. Some of them have been around for a few years already and some are new (but still much loved). Some of them I can wear all year round whereas others are pure summer or pure winter smells. But they are all special nonetheless… One of my newest perfumes is “La Petite Robe Noir” from Guerlain. The sweet sweet ...
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DKNY Sweet Delicious

I got a new perfume. DKNY brought out a new special edition of their Delicious scents. They are called Sweet Delicious and come in three scents: Tart Key Lime (green), Creamy Meringue (yellow) and Pink Macaron (pink). I had read about the scents before, including descriptions. I was tempted by all of them but fate made the decision for me. On the ferry they had only two of the three scents (the green one was missing – the one I thought ...