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Christmas Toothpaste

What better times to use cinnamon toothpaste than around Christmas time, right? I had been looking for this for ages (well, this and last vacation at least). I finally found it the last time we went to a drugstore – lucky me. What do you think about toothpaste with “special” taste. Which other tastes do you know and would ¬†you try them or maybe have you tried them? Love, S.  
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American Beauty Wishes

If I have not mentioned it before, BUT… I am going to the US in a little under two months time. And I am overly excited already and making online shopping lists already. Two days ago I talked about not wanting to make a “wish list” in order to have “just something” to blog about but this one I was actually intending on making for quite some time. I am actually planning on also making a video about it where I ...