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London (Haul) Calling

I made it back from London in one piece, even with all the snow storms going on all over Europe. At the time when this post comes online I am (hopefully) already back in the air, on my way to Germany. London has so many offerings when it comes to shopping and beauty – I just love if you have all the different brands available, which you can also find on blogs and on YouTube. Heaven for a shopaholic like me 🙂 As it was my birthday after ...
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Diptyque Love

So I hopped on the bandwagon and splurged on a Diptyque candle. I actually wanted to wait with it until we are in London for my birthday (in mid-March) as they have several stores where you can get the candles/perfumes and I also thought that they maybe are cheaper over there. But after some research I found out that a) we now can buy Diptyque in Copenhagen as well (though only in one store with a rather small collection) and b) there is no ...
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Yankee Love

The ones following me for a while know how much I love candles. Due to the fact that I live in Denmark at the moment I unfortunately have a hard time getting my hands on Yankee candles, and the ones from Bath & Bodyworks are also out of the question. The Nelly online store thankfully has some of the little samplers and I tried various kinds this summer and fall. Now when we left for Florida I knew I wanted to dig a bit more deeply into ...