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Skin Care Routine Update

Already two weeks ago I filmed a skin care routine update after I had trouble with my skin for the last couple of weeks, since around the beginning of April. I got my skin back under “control” (as much as that is possible) and I thought it was time for another update about the products I use, in which order I used them, and especially how I use them. I hope you enjoy. Love, S.
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London (Haul) Calling

I made it back from London in one piece, even with all the snow storms going on all over Europe. At the time when this post comes online I am (hopefully) already back in the air, on my way to Germany. London has so many offerings when it comes to shopping and beauty – I just love if you have all the different brands available, which you can also find on blogs and on YouTube. Heaven for a shopaholic like me 🙂 As it was my birthday after ...

Night Time Favorites

Everyone should have a good night lotion. For the better part of last and this year I was using the Biotherm Skin Ergetic Overnight Lotion and was perfectly happy with it. But this summer I tested some products from the Burt’s Bees Radiance line and instantly fell in love with their night cream. After the trial size was used up I repurchased the full size product and am still super happy. The lotion is nourishing enough to be a night ...