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Kindle – Reading & Travelling made easy

I love my books. My hard or soft cover real touchable books with that certain papery smell. I love how my books start to look more worn with every time I am readying them again. My dream for the future: having a big bookshelf in my apartment/house in white, covered with glass doors, holding all my precious books I started collecting since I was a little girl. I was lucky enough that my parents encouraged me to read. I got a library card when ...
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Things To Do In Fall

When being asked, which season is my favorite I usually cannot give a precise answer. In my opinion there is something special and magical about every season. I love the feeling of going out of the house in the morning and realizing I might be able to ditch my coat very soon (in the spring). Nothing beats the smell after a long hot day followed by heavy rain (in the summer). I love the sound of snow crackling under my feet and the smell of ...
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Decorating in Full Swing

Long time, no see. I know – and I am deeply sorry for it. I always had that little voice in the back of my head saying: you have to blog, you have to blog. But just making up a “wish list” or a “best of” just because I have nothing to blog about is just not me. So please bare with me. School and work have me back and my schedule is PACKED. I am basically gone every day from 07:30 until at least 18:00, if not ...