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MAC Supernova & Star Power Swatches

A couple of days ago I showed you the products I got from the new MAC Heavenly Creature LE, the MSF in Star Wonder and the Mineralize Blush in Supernova. At the time when I took the pictures I did not have time to try out the products yet and I also like to take pictures of products when they are all new. But as some of my readers asked for some swatches I took the time to take pictures of me wearing both the MSF and the blush. Swatches As ...
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MAC Heavenly Creatures LE

Weeks later the LE finally came out here in Denmark as well. Right from the beginning I had told myself: one MSF and one blush only! And I stuck to it (almost). By coincidence I picked the two items, which are currently every bloggers favorite, judging from the blog posts. So I am very sorry that I am now coming with some additional pictures but I hope you will like them anyway. 1. Mineralize Blush – Supernova Described as a magenta ...

TAG – All Those Pretty Things

One of the famous TAG’s, which is going around lately is the “All Those Pretty Things” TAG (loosely translated from the German version). At first I was only admiring the pretty things of other people and then started thinking about what kind of pretty make up products I have hidden in my drawer. Pretty soon I realized that there are actually some really nice things I own so I grabbed my camera to share them with you. 1. ...