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My 5 Favorites – Blush Edition

So I decided to start this new little series because I love reading similar posts on other blogs and I also love video editions of favorite products of one category (I am therefore implying that I definitely did not come up with this “idea” by myself but just wanted to also do my own version of it). I will post blog posts on this little series every time I was able to film, edit, and upload a video, which comes together with the ...
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May Favorites

We are in June and of course I had some favorites I absolutely LOVED to use in May. Some of them were new favorites and some of them were “old friends”. One of my latest “new” items is the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturizer, which I picked up when I saw it randomly in a discounter while grocery shopping. Fakta buys products in huge bulks and is therefore able to sell them rather cheap (Economies of Scale – ...
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Burberry Beauty

So, when in London I just had to go and see Harrod’s. And if course buy some makeup there. To my defense: it was my 30th birthday after all!!! I knew that Harrod’s is one of the few places, where I would be able to get my hands on some Burberry makeup, and I did not want to let this opportunity go to waste. Burberry is expensive – both in clothes and in makeup. But oh, are they able to pull of the ...