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Let’s eat – Baby Eating Solids

This will be a story about what I wanted to do and what I ended up doing in terms of getting Freja to eat solids. One important thing to realize with children is, that things do not always go as planned (for whatever reason) and as a parent it is important to adjust to your child’s needs – no matter if thatĀ fits into what you had originally planned or not. Adjusting to Freja’s needs is something we have been doing from the ...
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Five Newborn Must Have’s

Babies are expensive, mainly because you need so many things for them. But do you really? Online you can find a lot of lists about what a baby will need in the first weeks but every baby is different and definitely not everything is needed and some things you might have to unexpectedly purchase because you cannot live without them. Freja is turning three months today (where did the time go?) and by now I definitely have a good short list on ...