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OOTD – What To Wear In Oslo

Saturday we had one day in Oslo – from around 10 till around 16. We wanted to get a lot of sightseeing done, including a bit of shopping and possibly finish with a late lunch somewhere nice. For that much walking in 7 degrees celsius I wanted something cute but comfy to wear. I decided on a new Hollister shirt I got for my mom for my birthday (picked it up over Easter), a nice warm sweater from Old Navy which I bought in the States and ...

Sunday – Again and Again

|Seen| The movies “Hugo” and “TinTin” and my usual shows like Gossip girl, Pretty Little Liars, Grimm, Fringe, etc. |Heard| “I got a Hangover” by Taio Cruz and The Hunger Games Trilogy as audiobooks |Eaten| Danish Pastries at work, Thai food on Friday evening, melon with ham, Mac&Cheese plus chocolate cake at a friend’s place, broccoli sufflé, Red Velvet cupcake |Drank| Vanilla Latte, apple juice (for breakfast), milk (for lunch) and hot ...