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Anthroplogy Mugs

After lusting over the amazing mugs from Anthropology for quite a while now I finally caved in and got two for the fiancé and me. And I could not be happier. I actually would love to have another one for my make up brushes. The mugs come in a very simple design, which make them special nonetheless. Every cup is off-white in color, with a simple black letter on one side. The designs of the letters are all different but still similar (every S ...
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Christmas Wishlist

I think it is time for a little Christmas wish list. Even though I was able to fulfill a lot of my wishes in the US, there are still some open ones. Now I do realize that some of the items are quite expensive – that is why they are still wishes. And I most definitely do not expect anyone to fulfill them for me but am planning on doing so myself at some point in the future. But a girl can still dream, right? all pictures via I tried to ...