TAG – What’s In My Bag?

I always like the TAG when I see it on other blogs as I love to see what other people carry around with them and especially, which kind of products.

As I got my new Zara bag the other day I thought I can finally show as well what is in my bag.

1. The wallet from oilily. I only use wallets which have a zipper – makes me feel more save. This one I have since about 2-3 years and will continue to use it as it is big enough for all my stuff and cards.

2. My iPhone in my Mulberry pouch. I never had the money for a proper Mulberry bag (the first investment as soon as I make big bucks, lol) so this pouch has to do.

 3. Keys on a key chain with lots of other crap on it. Love the key chain as it makes it easier to find the key in my bag and get it out.

4. My little chap stick bag filled to the prim with lip products (it is really just chap stick in here without any color). The only thing slightly colored is the lip gloss you can see at the bottom from Kiehl’s – but even that is light pink.

5. My second little pouch. In one of my old bags I had two little front compartments and also some on the inside, which were perfect for little stuff. My two new bags (the one above and my great new awesome and pretty Longchamp bag in turquoise) have no inside compartments and I was sick of everything little flying around in my bag. So I started now using another little pouch for things like some lip glosses and lip sticks, hand soap, gum, my Clinique mirror, and lady products, lol.

6. My sun glasses. I usually carry them around with me all year long except when it is snowing. That is due to the fact that I am wearing contact lenses and that makes my eyes super sensitive to anything bright. My favorites are those below, which I bought in Florida last fall. They frame is matt (how cool is that?) and the glasses are not tinted super dark, which is a plus for days where it is not super bright (just for my stupid sensitive eyes).

7. Cables for my phone. And head phones.

8. My little ugly pink brush, which I still love. It’s from H&M from a few years back and I like that it is so small and handy.

Tell me – what is in YOUR bag?

Love, S.


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