TAG – My Oldest Beauty Products

Dear Sarah from Cozy Beauty has tagged me a while ago and shame on me: I did not find time to answer the tag until today.

So here we go:

p2 Feel Good Mineral Compact Blush in 020 – sweet rose:

Manhattan Multi Effect Eyeshadow in 29D Champagne:

L’Oreal Paris Blush Délicieux in 01 – Pink Marshmallow:

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in 07 – Soft Candy:

Nivea Beaut̩ Matt Eye Shadow in 89 РStone:

I used to have way less make up back in the days. The L’Oreal blush I have been using a lot (as you can see that there is nothing but pan left). I also had a different, more peachy-bronzer-like color, which I used up 2-3 times!

The eyeshadow from Manhattan I also had in more colors. But just in one more. Unfortunately I cannot find it anymore but it was a gorgeous smokey brown with slight shimmer. I loved it!

When the L’Oreal blush could not be bought anymore and the Max Factor blush was too creamy/or too red I used the p2 blush. I stopped using it only in October!!! when I bought my first MAC blushes. Never going back – that’s for sure!

The Nivea eyeshadow I wanted to try because it is a matt eyeshadow and I love the color. Might give it another try now that I look at it.

I do not want to tag anyone because I am not sure if you have already done it or not. But please please feel free to do the tag after all. I LOVE reading about your old make up products!

Love, S.

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