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One of the famous TAG’s, which is going around lately is the “All Those Pretty Things” TAG (loosely translated from the German version). At first I was only admiring the pretty things of other people and then started thinking about what kind of pretty make up products I have hidden in my drawer.

Pretty soon I realized that there are actually some really nice things I own so I grabbed my camera to share them with you.

1. Chanel – Blush Horizon De Chanel – Soft Glow Blush – Spring 2012 (limited)

I got the blush right away when it came out. I love the matt pink it gives off and the design is just gorgeous. What I appreciate: the stripes will stay that way, meaning even when I use it up more none of the stripes will disappear with usage (more about that later).

2. Guerlain Météorites Perles – 01 Teint Rosé (permanent)

The packaging – amazingly cute. The pearls just to look at – delicate. And I low the softening effect the pearls have on my face after applying (I am so light that I can easily swipe a brush with product all over my face after I applied my regular make up).

3. MAC – Quite Cute – Sakura Mineralize Blush – April 2011 (limited)

I got this blush a few months back, I think at the end of last year. But definitely months after the LE originally came out. The online store I got it at was obviously getting rid of many older things so I was able to snatch this one up really cheap (I think I paid around 10 Euro). The heart was just too cute and the color is also absolutely gorgeous on my cheeks.

4. MAC – Hey, Sailor – Crew Highlighting Powder – May 2012 (limited)

The LE is quite new so I do not want to loose a lot of words about it. I really think the pattern on the highlighting powder is really pretty. There are two things I do not like that much about it (and they are correlated): the pattern wears off with usage meaning after a while only the white background will be left over. That is actually not too bad because then at least I can use it as what it is supposed to be: a highlighter. That is the second thing I do not like that much at the moment: right now all that comes off the product is the color, meaning I can only use it as a pink blush until the color is totally gone. And that might take a while. I was already thinking about scraping the colored parts off, but I am scared to make a total mess.

5. Sephora – Highlighting Compact Powder Pink (permanent)

I got this product with my first Copenhagen Sephora haul and it soon became one of my favorites. Together with the blush I got it looks amazing. And I admit: I got first drawn to it by the little flowers on top. Unfortunately they are just in the top and I already start to loose them.

As this is a TAG I of course tag a few people where I would like to see what kind of beautiful products each of them owns (and I know they do):

Charlotte from Beauty Ramblings and the Zuckerschaf 🙂

Love, S.

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