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Sooo, Zuckerschaft tagged me in one of her posts and as it does not require any pictures (I am not able to take any until Saturday) I am able to follow her request right away.

She asked me 5 Questions about myself and I am happy to answer them right away:

1. Do you have any things at home that are not worth anything (in a material way) but which you would never throw away?

Yes, quite a few. I do own some t-shirts, i.e. from my time abroad, from my German high school graduation, a t-shirt made in Florida when I was nine years old, which do not even fit anymore but I still keep them. The same goes for my prom dress from my junior year in the States, pictures, all my Bibi Blocksberg cassettes etc.

2. If someone randomly smiles at you on the street, do you smile back or just keep on walking?

It depends on my mood and on the situation. In some situations I would just be irritated but smile back. In other situations I would just grumble something mean and keep on walking. It also depends quite a bit on the person smiling J

3. How do you pick out presents? Do you go after your own taste or do you try to pick out after the taste of the person you buy the present for?

It depends on the person I buy the present for. When it is a present for a good friend (a girl) where I know we have a similar taste anyway I can pick out after my own taste, aka as what I think would make a good present. If it is i.e. my dad I just go for his taste because I know that will work best.

4. Have you ever done something totally stupid for something you were in love with? And if yes, what?

Again – here I am totally boring. I have nothing done totally stupid. Besides taking a different way to school to “by accident” meet the guy or something like that. Just girly stuff 🙂

5. Favorite candy?

I absolutely LOVE licorice! Especially the strong, “salty” ones for adults. And we have some great kinds up here in Denmark. My favorite ones are Djungelvrål from Malaco. They are super strong but super awesome.


I am now tagging:

Charlotte from “Beauty Ramblings

Sarah from “Cozy Beauty

Monika from “Glamfendora

And my questions are:

  1. Looking back: would you decide differently at any point in your life?
  2. What is your favorite flower?
  3. Name the 3 things you would change about your body if you could (the less the better of course)!
  4. How would you spend the day if you could be a man for one day?
  5. What would you buy if you could spend all the money in the world (one item)!

Love, S.

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