Sunday – Again and Again

Seen| Pretty Little Liars; American Horror Story Season 1; Knocked Up & Juno |Eaten| Lunch at work (nothing too special to mention); Danishes aka pastries (our boss had his birthday on Monday and brought them for us – good way to start the working week)|Drank| lots of water; Barasso’s Ice Tea (so good and so refreshing, especially when it is as warm as at the moment); coffee – Nespresso has Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel back in their regular assortment and I stocked up of course; Hot Chocolate with marshmallow’s |Thought| When does the Zara sale start? |Annoyed| That the exam results are still now out yet even though they have until the 26th, but still… |Liked| We celebrated the boyfriend’s oral defense of his thesis and passed with flying marks and afterwards we had a little drink at Nyhavn in incredible weather conditions |Bought| I ordered two new shorts from Zara because I needed some more shorts and I got a lovely pink blouse/shirt with it; a pair of Nike’s in the sale, which I had my eyes on for months; some itsy bits and pieces in the H&M sale (a striped dress, a skirt, a bikini and a blouse for not even 50 Euros is pretty good I think)

1. Beauty: Chanel’s Taboo on my nails / the new German Glossybox Wedding Edition / new German InStyle magazine and Dior’s NudeSkin BB Cream


2. Drinks: Swiss Miss with Marshmallow’s / Nespresso capsules in vanilla/chocolate/caramel


3. Food: Spinach with feta and pine seeds / Danish (pastry) / Carrots and pees with mushrooms in a feta & cream sauce


4. Hair: In desperate need of a hair cut / Fringe long enough to put it to the side / Fringe WAY too long but with Revon’s Wild Watermelon on the lips


5. Clothes: New awesome pink Zara blouse / Nike’s from the sale / two new Zara shorts


6. Outfits: Striped Zara blouse and 7ForAllMankind jeans / J.Crew blouse and Levi’s Curve ID with Zarah slippers / Asos wedges with H&M dress


7. Places: Nyhavn in sunshine / friend’s graduation party location / awesome Water Tower turned into stylish apartments


Love, S.

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