Sunday – Again and Again

Seen| Game of Thrones Season 1 – cannot wait for the Season 3 Finale, which is airing tonight in the States, Warm Bodies, Side Effects |Eaten| I am trying to cut down a little bit at the moment (no, NOT dieting, just watching out a little bit for what I eat, which leads to 1-2 kg less within a couple of days and makes my pants fit WAY more nicely – that is what it is all about) – I therefore did not eat too many things during the week, Saturday was my “splurge” day and we had lunch at DalleValle (one of my favorite places to eat out in Copenhagen – very affordable) and I had Frozen Yoghurt later on and finished of the day with amazing steaks  |Drank| lots of smoothies, coffee, Match Frappuccino from Starbucks (major disappointment, as it is WAY to sweet – I am starting to dislike the whole “healthy” trend as people seem to hide behind it, and just because it says “Matcha” it does not make a Frappuccino more healthy or anything |Thought| Fuck Macro |Annoyed| People implementing their own insecurities on others to make them feel bad and themselves better, people “not liking” pictures on purpose – I simply REFUSE to play this game, do you not have anything else to do than hate on others? |Liked| Having a great day out in Copenhagen, spending the weekend before this one in Würzburg with the boyfriend (spontaneous, short, but great nevertheless amazing) |Bought| L’Oreal Micellair Water (I was running out of Bioderma the very same day and was able to pick up a bottle at the duty free as we do not have it in Denmark), Chanel’s Taboo and Bel-Argus (duty free), Essie’s DJ Play That Song, new Zara blouse (Christoffer got it for me though – love him <3)

The following pictures are NOT only from last week. But I have not made a Sunday post in quite a while (shame on me here, I know) so I thought it is legit if I just put in some more pictures as long as they fit into the post.

Let us start with the “beauty” stuff (details of Naked Basics and Naked Flushed palettes, twice “Products of the Day” – once with Chantecaille Tinted Moisturizer and once with smashbox BB Cream, New In: Naked Flushed and Too Faced Bronzer)


Moving on to nails: New In Chanel Taboo and Bel-Argus, New In Essie Blanc & Watermelon plus free cuticle oil, New In Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure, New In Essie DJ Play That Song – puha, I have been BAD, but those items I bought over a period of two months)


New hair: I decided to get a fringe again. After three weeks it is already so long that I have to get it cut again. But well… (Before hair, after hair with curls, LOVE it up in a pony tail – so cute, simple straight hair with (almost overlong) fringe which needs a cut)

New Hair

Some outfits: new Mango Maxi dress I am so in love with, cool Cara Delevigne tee paired with jeans, new striped Zara blouse, Gilly Hicks plaid (love the colors) with my new & Other Stories slippers in mint suede, denim on denim, summer time with Zara shorts, a simple white tee and my beloved Steve Madden Sandals, all black never fails


Even though I tried eating healthier a girl still needs her junk food (and food if about enjoying it so treat yourself every once in a while!!!!): We tried The Vermonster (maple syrup AND peacans = <3), Ben & Jerry’s overload at a birthday party, yummi homemade ice tea at Dalle Valle, FroYo at My Froyo Cup in Copenhagen – so good!, Hershey kisses for all, Lucky Charms cereals are so amazing – I could eat them all day, Matcha Frappuccino (not as good NOR as healthy as one might think), Churros – do I need to say more?


But of course I have been eating good as well: four variations of soy yoghurt or porridge, covered with fruit, puffed amaranth, Chia seeds and a bit of honey – yummi and healthy, asparagus season was in full swing, a good salad never fails – especially with a self-made honey-mustard dressing


Love, S.

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