Sunday – Again and Again

|Seen| My shows started again after their winter break so I watched i.e. Bunheads, Pretty Little Liars and Grey’s Anatomy (and others) |Heard| “Legend” and “Prodigy” as audiobooks (Prodigy is not out as a proper book yet), “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars and “Augenbling” by Culcha Candela |Eaten| Lunch at work, melon and prosciutto (big craving since weeks), Currywurst, pizza at Tuscolo  |Drank| Vanilla Latte at Starbucks, self made apple-pear-lime juice which I made with my new juicer, “Bounty” = Nespresso Coconut capsule with milk and a spoon full of chocolate powder (created by the boyfriend) |Clicked| tracking my parcels online, blogs, some sale sites, and lots of Yahoo Finance and 4-traders.com for work |Thought| Is everyone I know getting pregnant? (I love love love that one of my best friends is having a baby – don’t get me wrong – just everyone seems to be pregnant at the moment, lol) |Annoyed| I can honestly say that nothing annoyed me too much this week that I should mention it here. |Liked| That I am finally getting back into a rhythm after weeks of exam cramming, even though getting up at 07:00 four days a week is hard. Coming home after 4 months of absence and seeing family and friends. Getting delayed Christmas present from my sister Ann (she knows me well and I got a Yankee candle and an Amazon gift certificate, which I can use for my new Kindle – *love*). |Bought| I ordered my new iPhone and got it within two days. As my old Mulberry cover unfortunately does not fit anymore *sniffsniff* I got a new pink one at the airport because the thought of scratching it was driving me insane. I also went on a little spending splurge at dm (drugstore) but bought just general stuff (nothing worth mentioning). I also stocked up on Yankee tartes and finally bought some of the ones in glass jars (hand luggage), which I will show you on here soon. Everything else I received this week has been ordered before, so that does not count as having been bought this week. 😉

And now some Instagram for the pictures:

My new Naked Basic palette from Urban Decay – amazing for travelling and I took it with me to Germany right away the day after I got it. Faint is such a lovely color!


The presents I got from my sister: lovely cupcake holder, which will go into the bathroom, a Yankee candle with Christmas Cupcake smell (amazing!!!) and two matching tarts, an amazon gift voucher and a wooden spoon covered with chocolate to make hot chocolate (I made it the second I got it and it was so delicious).


My new MSF in Stereo Rose and matching lipstick in Haute Altitude from the new Aprés Chic LE. Espescially the MSF is pure love! Wearing it non-stop since I got it.


FINALLY at the hair dresser getting highlights and a hair cut!


The result – could not be happier!


New Instant Lip Perfecter from Clarins. I got hooked by friends talking about it and gave it a try and now I cannot wait until the new colors come out in the middle of this months (hoping to see them tomorrow at the airport duty free).


New Yankee tartes – especially the Pink Sand smells AMAZING and I bought the big candle for the bed room as well 🙂


Awesome pizza at Tuscolo, a local pizza place in Bonn (best pizza ever). My one came with pepperoni salami, spinach, mushrooms and spinach. Sooo good.


Love, S.

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