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Summertime de Chanel

When I walked into a local store last week (it was the 3rd of May) I was more than surprised to see the new “Summertime de Chanel” collection out here in Denmark already. Usually we have to wait way longer for those to come out over here.

As that particular store had great offers all of last week (10% on all cosmetics) I could not help but getting very very tempted. I was even luckier when the sales assistant told me that on this new collection they had 25% off instead of only 10% – so there went my last doubts. As I could not pick between the three colors I decided to get them all (as a little treat for the new job I started two days prior).

The first color, which caught my eye was 617 (Holiday). It is a bright sumptuous coral, which is very much on the orangey side. The finish is very shiny and clear. Then I noticed how different the other two colors and especially the finishes are. The collection actually consists of three different finishes.

Holiday has as mentioned that clear and shiny finish, like most nail polishes out there. 607 (Delight) is a luminous golden bronze (quite coppery when applied), which has a metallic finish (it would fit perfectly into the Illusions d’Ombres de Chanel collection from fall 2011). Last but not least there is 597 (Island), which is a soft golden beige with a mother-of-pearl finish – very elegant in my opinion.

I like how different the finishes and the colors are and I like all of them for their uniqueness. But I still think they fit great together into the whole collection. I already tried out Delight the other day and it looks great!

Did you get any of the colors or are you planning on getting any?

Love, S. 

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