Staying Healthy – Staying Fit

So after my sports post from only a few days back some of you asked about my habits when it comes to eating, sports, and staying healthy. I am willing to share my opinion about those topics but want to strongly emphasize so I am not expert on any of those fields!

First of all: I am not a fan of diets. In my opinion most diets are making you eat in a certain way by either eating only a certain kind of food or the opposite, by avoiding certain things. My problem is that due to my allergies against most fruits and nuts, and also against quite a few vegetables, I am already quite restricted. If I would now start following a certain diet I would limit myself even further and no one can tell me that this would be healthy!

But there has to be healthy way to live, right? I also want to emphasize that there is no “right” or “wrong” way. Everyone has to find a way that suits him or her. I also strongly think that depriving you from something you like does not do any good either. How boring would life be without little sins here and there?


So here are my little “tips” for staying healthy and fit:

  1. Eat healthy and with caution. Deep inside you know what food is considered healthy and what is unhealthy.
  2. Do not totally stay away from the unhealthy things. As long as you cut it down it is okay. Just eat one cookie instead of the whole pack and substitute dark chocolate with the white one. Also a hand of crisps is better than the whole bag. You get the point, right?
  3. Do not skip breakfast!
  4. Also do not eat too late. It is okay but it will give your stomach a hard time to digest before bedtime.
  5. Try to eat rather five little meals a day instead of three big ones.
  6. Try to fit regular exercise into your daily schedule. You do not have to be sporty every day and you also do not need to sign up to a gym. As long as you have proper running shoes, a job in the park will already do the trick.

I hope you agree with me on most things and if you like to know about my daily food and exercise routine I would be glad to share it with you.

Love, S.

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