So many books, so little time…

Some of you might know how much I love to read. I have purchased 24!!! books since December. And quite a few additional ones in October when I was in the States (just way cheaper over there). I am currently trying to read most of them but I (thankfully) still have a few to go.

I have to admit: I am totally into girly books. And I am not talking about anything romance (gag). I love everything which is about vampires or witches. Yes, not high profile reading but to my defense I have to say that I otherwise (for my studies) have to read a lot of pure Economics books including Wooldrige and Gibbons, etc. So please bare with me and do not judge me for my lighter choices of reading in my free time.

A very good blogger friend of mine, Charlotte, has recently been asking for input about what books to read etc. And I thought it would be nice for you guys if I sum it up in a little video so that I can talk a little bit about the books including my choices why them.


Love, S.

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