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As I am still sick and in bed I was not able to take any pictures of my new belongings yet. Except of those little cuties:

Socks - Gina Tricot


Socks - Gina Tricot

Usually I hide my feet in my Hunter boots or any other kind of boot. But usually I am also wearing at least 2-3 pairs of socks as it is so cold right now. As many people in Copenhagen I tend to stick to a lot of black. So I think its cute if the socks sneak out of the boots a bit to create a diversion between the black boot and the usually black tights. Do not make the error of mixing too many different patterns though. It is okay to wear cute socks if boots and tights/leggins are black but if you wear different colored leggins or tights with a pattern do NOT wear those kind of socks (my opinion at least) – you might look a bit funny.

Love, S.

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