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Skin Rescuer

Since a couple of weeks I am testing the Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer, a “stress-minimizing daily moisturizer”. So, I got this product send by a store by accident. I had ordered something else (a makeup case from Laura Mercier – so I do not understand how they could mix that one up, but well) but got this instead and after I talked with the customer service they send me the right item and I was allowed to keep this lotion, as it was obviously not my fault.

As my skin is the epitome of “sensitive” and “prone to redness” (sometimes I am covered in red and itchy spots right after I come out of the shower) I more than gladly try out this lotion – and also because I so far only had great experiences with Kiehl’s.


The lotion is supposed to help not just short-term but also long-term with things like skin fatigue and redness – and the help with redness is what interested me so much. So far I had been using the Redness Solutions Urgent Relief Cream from Clinique. However, this lotion should only be applied in areas with rednesses, and only when needed. It is super rich, to the point that it becomes too much for my skin, which does tend to redness but not to dryness.

The Skin Rescuer from Kiehl’s is rich, but not too rich, and can therefore be applied all-over the face. I do not use it every day, but only on days where I actually need it due to red spots (which is around 2-3x a week) – but so far it has been my saviour. It soothes my skin, nourishes without being too much, and rednesses are gone within a short time period. I might even stick to this lotion as my go-to product only, once I finished my other one and the colder season is here.

So far I can only recommend this lotion to everyone who has problems with allergies, rednesses, and alike. And if they would not have send it to me by accident so that I could keep it, I would have bought it myself as soon as I saw it in stores – knowing my skin this is right up my alley 🙂

Love, S.

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