I was supposed to work four out of five days this week but a collapse in my shower on Monday morning at around 06:10 messed up my schedule. I got up at 06:00, brushed my teeth, put in my contacts and started taking my shower. Until I suddenly got all shaky, broke into a sweat (kind of nasty if you are showering and still able to feel it), and my vision became smaller and smaller. Neither sitting down in the shower nor a switch from hot to cold water helped so I was only able to call in sick. As I did not feel much better yesterday morning (still too shaky to try driving myself) I stayed home another day and even though I have to make up for the missed hours, I had a good relaxing time in bed by eating lots of crap, watching bad TV, and reading a lot…

Today it is back to work. I will put in a few more hours today and tomorrow, and I will also come in Friday morning before I go to Hamburg. I was looking for a nice sleep-in Friday: guess I can forget about that now.

Also Christoffer was able to talk to the Head of Study for Economics at KU yesterday and even so he was not able to coax a definite “yes” out of him, his response was absolutely positive. As you know me by now I will still not rest until I got those papers in the mail. Christoffer will also hand in my university letter at the International Office today together with a copy of my passport. That is the first step of becoming a guest student at KU. The deadlines are October 1st for the Spring semester, and April 1st for the Fall semester. I know that I am a bit late but the International Office writes on their homepage, that they are able to process applications until November 1st (and May 1st) as many students are selected very late by their home universities. So I hope for a lenient staff when Christoffer shows up there today. If you get approved you will get an email from the International and you have to hand in your transcript, a letter of recommendation from your home university, and your TOEFL score results (directly from the test center). As I needed all this for my Master application anyway I am thankfully able to provide everything right away. For me this whole “applying as a guest student” process is only a precaution. I am still in good hopes that everything works out as planned. It has to: I started packing my first boxes after decluttering the basement.

Love, S.

PS: No, not pregnant as I was asked by quite a few people 🙂

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