Sephora Opening Copenhagen

Yesterday was the day I had been waiting for for quite some time. The Sephora store in Copenhagen finally opened its doors. The store is located within the department store “Illum” (one of the two big and well-known ones here in Copenhagen), right in the middle of the city center and pedestrian walk.

I had to wait until after work but there was still lots of stuff going on. We all got a goodie bag, little drinks were being served and Ole Henriksen talked about his products (I snatched a picture of him, see below).

I took my time strolling through the store in order to see everything. I am not 100% if I actually did. But I will come back! I was impressed by the selection of natural “organic” products (besides Korres they had at least 15 other brands there) and I loved talking a look at Sephora’s own products.

I ended up buying quite a few things (mainly from the Sephora brand) but I will show you what I bought in a different post (it was raining all day and the light was so bad).

The only little critique I have: they do not have NARS 🙁 That is the brand I was most looking forward too and I am quite disappointed that I still cannot get it. I hope that will change at some point that will change. I would also love to see Bioderma products in the shelves as I would not have to buy online anymore. And a bit more Urban Decay (I only saw the Naked 2 palette today but they might easily have more somewhere and I just did not see it). Besides that I am almost 100% happy.

Love, S.


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