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Scandinavian living with the Stokke Tripp Trapp

Considering my Danish husband and our preference for a Scandi-style interior I just couldn’t reject the offer of trying one of the two new Tripp Trapp colors Stokke* recently came out with. In addition the Tripp Trapp really suits our current needs (we have a little Miss Independent here at the moment) so I am very happy to give you my review about Stokke’s* iconic high chair.

The Tripp Trapp was introduced into the market more than 45 years ago, in 1972, and is still one of the most-widely known and sold chairs world-wide. At the moment it is available in 18 different colors (3 in the “oak” style and 15 in the “color” style) and Purple Plum and Midnight Blue recently joined those 18 colors. Both shades are absolutely lovely and I had a hard time picking, however we ended up choosing the purple shade, as it fits nicely into our new living room (we got a new carpet, which picks up the shade as well and after living five years in neutral heaven it is great to have those pops of color everywhere).

So after testing the chair now for almost two weeks on an everyday basis, this is how my feedback looks like:

  • The Tripp Trapp came in a quite small package, which was a positive surprise. It was well-packed but didn’t generate too much waste.
  • It was extremely easy to build up and one can do it by him-/herself. Also the adjustment in height is quickly done.
  • The Tripp Trapp, even though made from solid wood, is lighter than I expected it to be. This was initially the reason why we had chosen a different chair, however that it is not as heavy as I thought is definitely a plus.
  • I love the stability of the chair. Main reason we took up the offer of trying the chair was, that Freja currently wants to do everything herself, including climbing up and down on her own. Our old chair, as much as I like it, is just not suitable for that, however the Tripp Trapp is. Due to its construction, the sides create something like a “railing” that Freja can hold on to while climbing, which is a nice safety feature.
  • The wood is super easy to clean. Just use a semi-wet cloth to wipe everything off and you are ready to go.

We really love the Tripp Trapp and it came at just about the right time. The new colors are right up my alley (not just because they fit into our apartment perfectly) and if they would have been out two years ago already we would have for sure picked on of them. In addition to the chair you can pick lots of extras, e.g. pillows for more comfort, a harness for extra safety or the newborn attachment for usage right from birth.

Do you know the Stokke Tripp Trapp* or maybe already own one yourself? Which is the color you picked and how do you like the new options?

Love, S.

Advertisement: the high chair was kindly given to us by Stokke via PPR Media Relations AG. I was however not paid for this post and my opinion is completely my own.

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