Same Same And Not Different

That is what is going on at the moment: always the same. I am studying, going to class, studying, putting in my last hours at work, heading to class again, and more studying. My first exam was yesterday but I do not think it went too well. But at least I know that everyone else I talked to feels the same so I hope we were all stupid enough that he has to take off points so that a majority will pass – including me! This is how what I am looking at all day long at the moment:

At least the new InStyle came out!

Besides that I was watching the new Gossip girl and 90210 episodes while studying some more. My back and shoulders are already so tense that I am barely able to sit properly at my desk 🙁

Love the sight of all the gum!

But I got one nice thing at the end of last week: two big packs of “Airwaves Strong”. I am taking part in some survey and have to test all different kinds of stuff. I just signed up on that homepage a few weeks ago and this is the first thing I am allowed to try out. And they are great and taste really really good. The gum has menthol in it and it feels like it really clears up my sinuses.  And I mean: you can always use gum, right? I will give one of the packs to family and friends and keep the other one for myself.

Sooo much gum!

Christoffer send me a link to a company which is practically doing the same, just in Scandinavia. Today I was able to sign up to try some delicious “Ritter Sport” chocolate. Cannot wait to try that one, yummi!

Love, S.

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