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2017 – My Goals and Resolutions

Better late than never, right? One resolution was definitely to put more effort into the blog again while keeping on filming YouTube videos on a regular basis. But let us see how that will go 😉 For now I have some goals for you I wrote down the day before the new year started. Some I will come easy, some I will struggle with, one I already achieved, while I might have to give up on others. We shall see…

  • Spend every day actively with Freja and live together and not just alongside each other. She is my first and even though hopefully not my last, I want to fully enjoy all of her firsts.
  • I want to let my hair grow again. As much as I like the shorter do – when I see pictures of myself with longer or even really long hair I miss it. Just look at how healthy and long it is in the picture below. So first step will be to buy a good new hair mask and use it on a regular basis and secondly I will skip the hairdresser as much as possible. I will still go, especially to get the ends trimmed but also to get fresh color here and there, but I will wait until right before I go back to work and skip the one time in between I would usually go. => I might actually have to go to get a trim rather soon. The ends on one side seem very frizzy, which annoys me to the point that I keep on touching them, making matters worse.
  • Active meal planning. I started pinning those little meal videos from Tasty on Instagram. I had previously seen them on Facebook too but on Instagram they also write down the list of ingredients. We have an app into which I put everything we need and then we go grocery shopping based on that list. This saves money, helps to avoid food waste and we are actually able to live healthier.
  • Loosing the extra baby weight (and some more). I am not a fan of diets but belief in eating everything but in moderation. But obviously healthy eating in combination with exercise is needed for loosing weight properly. I am currently going to my sports classes twice a week (1x normal pelvic muscle training and 1x Pilates), do 50 sit-ups every day and go on walks with the baby, often carrying her instead of using the pram. The courses both end at the end of March so I have to look into what I want to do afterwards. I might want to continue with Pilates because I really like it. So hopefully before long I can loose the additional 4kg to pre-pregnancy and another 6kg to before the stress of 2015 got to me. => I am actually already down 1.5 kg of those 4kg due to starting to pump milk with an electric pump. Plus I started doing Pilates workouts some nights in addition to the two courses I am taking and I already found a Pilates studio close to where my office is moving to.
  • I want to travel with Freja while she is still small. We already took her to Copenhagen and I will visit my parents in February. However those are the places I really badly want to go (again): Copenhagen, London & Barcelona for shorter city trips, Disneyland/Disney World (either in Paris or in Florida), New York (can you belief that as such a big US fan having lived in the States and all I have never been to NY), and I would love to visit California/the West coast again. => In the meantime since writing down these ideas/goals we actually ended up going to New York. How crazy is this? We booked super spontaneously (it took less than three hours from idea to booking) and we left a week later. And it was amazing and I wanna go again. Just in the summer this time. However all other travel plans have to be placed on hold for now, even shorter city trips like Copenhagen. In March my husband has a week in Madrid for his MBA studies and due to the intensity of this week I already know he will need at least a week to recover afterwards. In April Freja’s child care training is starting and the long weekend around Easter I would like to spend just the three of us as it might be our last little vacation for a while as I will go back to work in May and will not be able to take vacation right away. I am hoping I will be able to take off a week in August, when my husband has a week of summer school (hopefully in Miami). Plus his expat contract is ending at the end of June and he started looking at new jobs and possibilities, making it impossible to do much travelling until things are decided (and he cannot really take off time when he just started somewhere, with the exception for this MBA).
  • Spice up my wardrobe. Even though I stick to jeans and a long sleeve often enough these days because of breastfeeding I was still able to get a few special things after birth, which look awesome. However closer to going back to work I want to spice up my wardrobe even more and want to make an effort (also in terms of wearing heels – it’s been way too long that I wore them on a regular basis due to my job change in 2015, it being winter when I started the new job and the becoming pregnant with lots of water in my feet). => I ended up doing a little bit of shopping while in New York. I got some great skirts and even more amazing pairs of jeans plus three dresses and quite a few tops I cannot wait to wear. Plus with loosing the pregnancy weight (and hopefully some more) I will soon be able to fit into all of my other clothes again and I still have some great things I bought in 2015 and was not able to wear a lot (those Brooks Brother’s skirts I am dying to wear out again). I cannot wait for warmer temperatures so I can also pair some outfits with some shoes I got over the last year and was also not able to wear due to the water in my feet (I literally wore three pairs of shoes during the last year: a) my Pistol boots from Acne (Spring/Winter), b) my Birkenstocks & my white Converse (starting in June I could not fit anything else)).

I actually think my goals are quite reasonable. Okay, I might not be able to travel everywhere but hey, I already checked off on point on my list. What are your goals for 2017?

Love, S.



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