Rainbow Bright II

Oooooh, I just saw something really amazing. As you might have figured out I absolutely ADORE new cool nail polishes. I actually own so many that I will never ever be able to use them all up. But that does not stop me from buying more every time a new color comes out. Like just now!

Chanel brought out three new amazing colors for the fall. The collection is called Les Khakis and the colors are called Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose, and Khaki Vert.

Brun is a very nice brownish color. Vert has an AMAZING greenish tint (and I’m currently trying to convince my boyfriend to get it for me). And last but not least Rose goes also into the brownish direction but with a very nice reddish undertone. As I myself am actually not too much into red nail polish it will be a nice try though. Hope all of you like the colors as much as I do. Ooooh, by looking at the picture I want Vert even more…

Love, S.

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