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Q: What are in your opinion the trends for the winter?

A: Once again I can only talk for what I like. Which are biker boots, capes (in khaki green or nude colors), fur vests, and animal prints (only in scarves though – for me). Jeans are barely seen; instead it is still summer dresses with cardigans and leggings, combined with boots (rain boots, over-knee boots, biker boots). But I also still like ankle boots with a wedge heel. I like headbands and turbans, or fur hats, big snoot scarves in black, grey, and yes, in some orangey/pumpkin color. And parkas in khaki green.

Q: Online shopping or in store shopping?

A: Online shopping, definitely! I would not know what do to without. First at all I am super busy and barely have the time to go into the city. And Bielefeld does not offer too many good stores and usually a lot of stuff is either sold out or you cannot find it because it is so messy in the store. Online shopping gives you the opportunity to buy things in stores which you otherwise would not be able to buy as the store is maybe not in your city. Also you can compare prices better and might be able to get something way cheaper than you would get it for in a store. I love the variety a lot! I think it is also an advantage if you are able to try something on in the surroundings of your own home, including different pairs of shoes, etc. I am just so much more able to see if I really like something or not!

Q: Which are your favorite stores?

A: I think you have to differ between favorite stores and stores I usually shop in. I try to keep a balance between the different stores as I do not want to look like I bought everything at the same place. For basics and some special pieces I like H&M and Zara. If I would have to name one store where I got most of my things from it is probably H&M. But the variety you can see in my jeans: no H&M but Diesel, True Religion, 7forallmankind, Review, MeltingPot, Mogul, TakeTwo, Silver, Seven, Only. I got pants from Zara and Vero Moda. And my sweatshirts and cardigans are also from all over. If it does not come to money I really like the colors at Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger stores, though I look too old if I would dress only in those brands. I also love the colors are Abercrombie&Fitch, especially the plaids.

Q: Most expensive items in your closet?

A: As a single piece the most important items are probably my True Religion and 7forallmankind jeans. Otherwise it is probably only the amount of clothes in general which cost some money. I do not believe in status items. If I would buy myself something more expensive it would be because I like it and not because I want to show it off.

Q: Anything you could wish for, what would it be when it comes to fashion?

A: Hm, I am always wishing for something. I have to admit you would never find me totally satisfied. There are just too many nice things out there. If there is something I would wish for it would probably a Mulberry bag, the bigger version of the Alexa Chung bag. I absolutely LOVE that bag and would like to have a real one. I also would like to have a simple pair of Christian Laboutin shoes (black and simple). I also would love to have a vintage Rolex and a cape in a sand-color which I saw at Tommy Hilfiger. I also would really like to have an iPhone.

Q: How often do you go shopping?

A: I mainly go shopping when I am in Copenhagen or at home at my parents in Bonn. Stores in Bielefeld are not the best and I have not been in-store-shopping for a while here. But I do check my regular online stores on an almost daily basis, though of course I do not buy stuff every time. I would say maybe once a week, maybe twice? But sometimes only something as little as a pair of socks.

Q: Do you prefer to wear heels or flats?

A: For school and work I prefer flats. I do not have to dress up for work so that is okay. Though I really like heels and have quite a few pairs. Considering my height, my legs are actually quite short so heels make them look way longer which I really like.

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

A: I honestly cannot tell. Maybe about 40-50? Maybe a few more or less… Problem is that at the moment I have quite a few pairs already in Denmark. The rest is still in Germany. And I love to keep my extra special nice shoes in boxes so I kind of lose track of the amount easily.

Q: How much money to you spends on shopping every month?

A: That totally depends on what other expenses I have that month. If I have to pair for the repair of my car or some insurance it is definitely less. I would say an average of about 250-300€?

Q: How would you define your personal style?

A: I definitely became more adventurous while staying in Denmark. I love how people dress in Scandinavia. I would not say that I have one specific style. I like to try out all different kinds of things and styles. If there is something you would likely see me in it is a cute little dress, with tights, boots (Hunter or over-knee), a cardigan, and a scarf. You will never ever see me without a scarf. Only maybe when I am wearing a turtle neck sweater, hehe…

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