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Product of the Week – #2 Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm

Welcome to another product of the week, which today is Nuxe’s amazing lip balm. I had been eyeing this lip balm for quite a while but never got around to buying it. Mainly because I have so many lip balms and secondly I was not sure if it really is as good as everyone says.


Two weeks ago I was so lucky that I got this as a belated Christmas present from a dear friend of mine and it came to exactly the right time as I was down with a mean cold and a very snotty and wound nose – and I helped wonders instantly.


Even though the balm smells lovely of citrus I would not use this lip balm as a daily to-go product because it is of rather thick consistency. I prefer to use it as an overnight treatment and spread it on my lips right before going to sleep or when I sit on the couch at night to watch some movie. That way it can really work its wonders. I usually have the worst chapped lips ever but this left my lips soft as a baby butt after not even 24 hours of having it. I do not even want to imagine how my nose would have looked like without it (I actually spread it all the way up to my nose because I was so desperate).

I unfortunately am not sure where you can buy this product in Germany as I do not know of any stores. You can however get it over without a problem. Costs there are 12.35 EUR and shipping is free.

Love, S.

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