Princess Cupcakes

I love to eat cupcakes. They are so delicious and look amazing. And one makes you so full that you are able to fulfill you sugar cravings for a while. We have a really great cupcake bakery here in Copenhagen, called “AGNES”. You can find more information about them here. They offer different kind of cupcakes everyday and they are awesome. They also have those lovely mini-cupcakes which I have not tasted yet but they look too cute. Depending on how many cupcakes you buy you get boxes in different sizes. I love to walk around the city with the little pretty box in my hand, holding my one single cupcake.

Well, as Vicky (she has one of the blogs I am reading on a regular basis) is a great cupcake baker I thought I finally have to try it as well. I am okay at making muffins but I have never dared to try a cupcake (I am not the best cook around and usually leave it to Christoffer). As he loves to cook and to bake he got a great book from his mom a while ago. It is called “The Hummingbird Bakery” and has recipes for lots of delicious cupcakes, muffins, pies, brownies, cakes, cookies, and cheesecakes inside. It even shows you how to make your own granola bar (something I also have to try in the near future after I tried Vicky’s recipe for granola to mix with my morning yoghurt). The Hummingbird Bakery is a famous cupcake bakery in London, located in Portobello Road and three more locations (Portobello Road was the first one though).

But back to my cupcakes… Long story short: I had to study and did not feel like it so what does a girl do: try to make cupcakes. I made chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting, topped off with sprinkles. To get the pink color I put a bit of beetroot juice into the frosting. Worked color wise I am just not satisfied with the frosting in general. It is just so liquid. It tastes and looks great though. What to do to make it more stiff? Any suggestions?


Love, S.

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