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I have been incredibly busy these last couple of days and it will unfortunately continue the next couple of days. I will try to blog as much as possible but with this IMpossible light it will not be easy.

Deadline for my Bachelor thesis is tomorrow in two weeks. Ugh, that is not a lot of time and I am only halfway done. But I will get there if I just spend enough time on it. As soon as I get into the writing mood it usually starts “flowing”. Until next weekend I also have to get a take home assignment for Econometrics done :/ Thankfully my lovely friend Aneta (let us see if she REALLY reads my blog) is in on the assignment with me.

After a meeting with my Bachelor supervisor I was able to drop into Magasin on the way to the Metro (the station is in the basement of the building) and this is what I got:

My first official Christmas present. For my mom. The one for my sister I already got in Florida. But that does not count.

The nice lady at the Biotherm counter provided me with some little goodies. This is a facial tonic. Hope it is good.

I also got some bodylotion. Always good, right?

No clue what the difference between 1, 2, and 3 is.

New Mineralize Skinfinish from MAC. As I am so "light" I can use it as blush as well. We will see about that. It is the Porcellain Pink I wanted to have btw.

Pretty sure it will work as a nice blush on my skin.

New eyeliner from the new MAC Winter Collection.

It is called "Going For Gold".

Should work very nicely with brownish, greenish, and hazel eyes.

Now a good cup of coffee and the UK editions of InStyle and Grazia.

Love, S.

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