Hello everyone,

My name is Sarah and right now I am on maternity leave with our little girl Freja, who was born in October of 2016. When I am not at home I am working within the Financial industry and I absolutely love my job. I have studied Economics at Københavns Universitet in Denmark but originally I am from Bonn, the former capital of my lovely home country Germany. I do have a BSc and a MSc in Economics (Cand.polit). While doing an exchange semester in Denmark I did not only fall in love with the lovely city of Copenhagen and the Danes, but also with MY Dane and decided to stay in Denmark for good. However how life sometimes goes, my Dane was transferred to Zurich, Switzerland, and as I was almost done with my graduate degree I decided to move as well. So here we are now…

When I am not working (or on maternity leave), I enjoy spending time with my friends (in Bonn, in Copenhagen, in North Dakota, and all over the world), shopping, traveling, reading, surfing the internet for new great fashion deals, and just having spontaneous fun. Besides my addiction for beauty, shoes, and clothes in general.

And I love to blog and make YouTube videos. Obviously.

I started this blog to share my thoughts, my likes and dislikes, fashion advice, and everything that is going on in my life, with you. I am not writing in this blog to please anyone, but to express myself, and only myself!

I also want to give advice. Advice on moving abroad, advice on applying for a Master’s programme, advice on going long distance, advice on doing an exchange semester somewhere abroad, advice about living in Germany and Denmark. Advise on being a mom and being pregnant but also in how to combine a job and being a mom. And last but not least advice on fashion does and do not’s.

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned. I might not blog every day. I might not blog about my personal life every time, as I might also not blog about fashion or beauty every time. I will try to keep the variety to a certain level. I also might not able to keep that balance. You know how things go: usually you have a hell lot going on in your life or nothing interesting at all. The same goes with fashion. If I see something on the street or in a magazine which I like, it does not take much and I am obsessed. And by surfing the internet, I see a lot more interesting stuff I would like to have. It’s a vicious circle… Come in, and find out!!!

Love, S.



Name: Sarah

Place of Birth: Bonn, Germany

Date of Birth: March 18th

Current City: Zurich, Switzerland

I like:

Freja, Christoffer, fashion, shopping, good food, milk, skinny pants, Hunter boots, curls, nail polish, cleaning, tights, headbands, braided hair, magazines, Florida, going out, Cocktails, Beck’s Lemon, Summersby, lilies, sunflowers, dogs, North Dakota, Gulf of Mexico, beaches, chocolate milk, Malzbier, Mett, Copenhagen, the color grey, ballerinas, Diesel jeans, good friends, sitting in cafes, people watching, a clean apartment, ironing, vintage clothes, bangs, highlights, the smell of  Christmas cookies, summer, snow, skiing vacation, the smell of ski wax, the smell of summer rain,  the smell of warm asphalt (there are so many great smells accompanied by great memories out there), rabbits (Hermine & Norbert), swimming, getting flowers, YouTube, glasses, RayBan, Käthe Kruse, Converse, flower patterns, big mugs, Vanilla lattes, coffee shops, chocolate, licorice, USA, sleeping, reading, photography, Facebook, Denmark…

I hate:

cooking, gossip, mean girls, doing the dishes, vegetables, getting stared at, headaches, fighting, long-distance relationships, missing people, saying goodbye, spiders, fruit, dentist appointments, doing laundry, baking, rain, wind, cold, pimples, doing my nails and my hair, root beer, liver paste, people who judge without knowing the person they judge about, two-sided people, opportunists, allergies, the color beige, games


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