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Giving Birth – Your body, your choice

The way you want to give birth is a very personal decision. It is your (the mom’s) choice, and in the end no one else’s business. Not even your husband’s/partner’s/baby daddy’s one. While it is great to be in agreement about how things should go down, it’s you and not them who has to press something the size of a watermelon out of a hole, which has the size of a lemon. You see the miss-match here, right? ...

Gibberish – Our Way of Teaching Our Child 3+1 Languages

Some of the questions I get the most are in regards to what language and how many languages we speak with Freja. Most of you know that I am German, hence German is my native language, while Christoffer’s is Danish as he is originally from Denmark. What many people do not know: our “family language” is actually English. Christoffer and I met in an English-speaking environment at university (where he was heading the mentor ...

Let’s eat – Baby Eating Solids

This will be a story about what I wanted to do and what I ended up doing in terms of getting Freja to eat solids. One important thing to realize with children is, that things do not always go as planned (for whatever reason) and as a parent it is important to adjust to your child’s needs – no matter if that fits into what you had originally planned or not. Adjusting to Freja’s needs is something we have been doing from the ...