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Rainbow Bright

Well, I do not know about the soon-to-be-popular colours of the next season yet but considering the fact that all Chanel nail polishes became major hits over the last year we probably only have to take a look at the nails from the last show and we will now… I did not like to wear nail polish for quite some time. My nails are in not so great shape due to years of swim practice and my cuticles probably never have been worse. But I am working ...

These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

I love to dress the way I like – not necessarily because I want to express myself, but more because everyone should be able to wear what they like without being judged (and therefore being stared at). Right now I am obsessed with boots. Ankle boots, over-knee boots, calve-high boots – all different kinds of boots. And not just the height does matter. Also of course the style. Over the last two years I saw Minnetonka shoes and boots quite a ...

Only The Time Shows Who Is A Real Friend… And Who Is Not!

I am always amazed how “wrong” I sometimes was, when it comes to some of my former “friends”. It often still makes me mad. And sometimes sad. Even though of course I do not want to admit it. But I am still so disappointed by some people. I realized that I am not someone who can take mean remarks from so-called “friends” very good. I am also not very good in keeping calm. I learned that it is never good to ...