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I Miss…

                        …wearing rain boots even if the sun is shining.                         …they way he looks at me in the morning through half closed eyes.                         …stylish people.                         …the sound of different languages all around me.                         …getting woken up by the rising sun.                         …dirty laundry all around me.                         …the smell behind his ears. Love, S.
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Feels Like Home To Me

I did not move abroad. Yet. But I am back in Denmark since last Sunday. And it still feels great. Everything I have been missing at home is coming right back at me here. I can finally wear my Hunter boots without getting started at. Not that I mind staring people. Let them stare all they want. But it is just nice not to be judged by what you are wearing. We were alse able to set up the apartment a bit more. I have done a lot of cleaning, ...

Working My Butt Off

That is a perfect description of what I am doing since I’m about 13 years old. My parents are definitely not rich but we are not poor either and I guess, compared to others, pretty well off. So I always had my “pocket money” to spend on stuff I liked. But my parents also taught my sister and me the value of money and that money does not grow on trees but that you have to work for it. And if we wanted to have something which was just a tad ...