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Trying To Keep Busy Leads To Busy Times

I am back from my weekend adventures. It was a great trip, just way too short. I hate saying goodbye to him over and over and over again. And no, you are not getting used to it over the time. It feels bad every time and maybe even gets worse. Now I am back to my daily routine, trying to keep busy. I will be working exactly 69 hours this week and next week and after that it is finally back to Denmark for a few days. Until I have to say ...

Rainbow Bright II

Oooooh, I just saw something really amazing. As you might have figured out I absolutely ADORE new cool nail polishes. I actually own so many that I will never ever be able to use them all up. But that does not stop me from buying more every time a new color comes out. Like just now! Chanel brought out three new amazing colors for the fall. The collection is called Les Khakis and the colors are called Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose, and Khaki Vert. ...

Feeling Guilty

Why is it that as soon as you have a blog or a Twitter account, you feel bad right away for not blogging or posting a few days in a row? On the other hand I feel guilty for not having to write anything about right now. I have to start keeping track of my ideas more often and start writing them down right away. In the weirdest moments something pops up in my head or I feel angered or concerned about something that I really feel like sharing. ...