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False Friends Danish Style

I am German. My fiancé is Danish. I guess you figured that much out by now. We communicate mainly in English though, as we both are pretty much fluent in English. I can not say that much about my Danish skills. Neither can Christoffer about his German. But I have to admit that he speaks it pretty okay (getting-what-you-want-while-ordering-in-a-restaurant-or-standing-in-store-okay) and I am also not able to talk about him, or keep secrets ...

In Love With A Dress

As a fashion addict that happens quite often to me. And it just happened again. I love looking at Lookbook to get inspired. And to look at all those pretty people. One of my favorites is Frida from Sweden. I love her style and she’s just amazingly pretty. The all-Scandinavian girl. I like. (I guess by my love to Copenhagen you already figured out my love to Scandinavia and the Scandinavian style in general). Check out her fashion blog ...

Boots Boots Rain Boots

This is THE week of the goodies. I got another good one for you. Besides nail polish I also love and absolutely ADORE shoes. When I spend my semester abroad in Denmark I was able to buy a pair for Hunter rain boots. Those boots are absolutely perfect for all kinds of weather and suitable for almost every outfit. I even wore them in the summer with a cute little skirt and a cardigan. And in the winter I’m going to add socks and tights and I ...