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The ones who follow me on Instagram (officialsarah) maybe saw, that I finally found time to go and visit the new “& other Stories” store in Copenhagen. I was lucky enough to already visit the store in London when we went there in March, however we were super tired and super wet and as much as I love shopping I just did not “feel” it right there and then, and after a quick browse we quickly left again.


But lucky enough we also have a store here in Copenhagen since the middle of March. It is located next to the main H&M, which is on Strøget, right at Amagertorv (as you can see on the bags etc. as well). The Copenhagen store is not as big as the one in London, nor as spacious, but it is very light and quite Scandinavian, which I like.


There were many nice things I saw but I could restrain myself from buying too much. The clothes are not 100% my thing, however, I saw quite a few very nice things and the same goes for the shoe department. But in the end I could not say no to all the beauty things. But let me explain the concept of the store a bit first:

  • When it comes to clothes and accessoires “& other Stories” carries only their own brand, in the show department they have their own shoes but also other brands (Nike can i.e. also be spotted on their homepage), and when it comes to beauty the main thing what catches your eye are of course their own cosmetic things placed all over the store (think mint nail polishes color-matched minty dresses and blouses). However, they also carry other beauty brands like “The Balm” or “Dr. Bronner”, to only name two. 



In the end I decided on two simple products and bought a new body mist called “Punk Bouquet” with vanilla and rose. Additionally I splurged on their hand soap “Fig Fiction”, which of course smells like figs. I love the simple but special design of their bottles, the little stories on the labels are just adorable, and last but not least are the prices definitely okay.

Have you heard of “& other Stories” and do you look forward to visit a store? For the ones not having a store close by: you can find them online as well here.

Love, S.

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