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Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

A couple of days ago I was able to get my hands on the Origins “Drink Up Intensive Mask” after having heard only good things about it from several people.

Especially Anna from “Vivianna Does Make Up” was raving about this one in several of her posts/videos and recently even took it with her on her flight to Florida and applied the mask several times throughout her trip. I loved this idea and will probably do the same on my trip (also to Florida) in November.

I do have “mixed” skin, with oily skin around my nose and chin and more dry areas on my cheeks and my forehead. The dry skin is not flaky dry but just looks very dry (hope that makes sense). It is very hard to describe… So, when I wrinkle my nose for example and my skin has one of its rather dry days, than you can see that in the wrinkled parts – the skin is just very lined and, well…, dry. So I thought I give this mask a try as it helps with dehydration of the skin.

The mask smells amazingly good – somewhat fruity with something else inside, which I was not able to identify yet. But definitely good. I read that quite a few people even use it as a moisturizer though that would be a bit much for my skin I think.

I used it a few days now and my skin loved it. I will keep on testing it from and should I have anything exceptionally good or bad to report I will let you know it right away.

Love, S.

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