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OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand

When I saw the new Liquid Sand nail polishes from OPI I was hooked right away, as this kind of finish is right up my alley. As I definitely wanted to try some of those special colors I was more than happy, when I saw that the mini set included all four, I was more than delighted.


However my first try applying “Stay the Night” (the black one with a hint of red) went totally wrong and did just not do the trick. The nail polish did not want to stay on my nails, did not dry and smudged all over. I was more than disappointed.


A few days later I tried my luck again, however this time WITHOUT a base coat. And what can I say: already one coat of “The Impossible” looked amazing and this is how the result looked after two coats:


The nail polish stays on chip-free for quite a while (white tips not included). On the pictures you can see how my nails looked like after three full days, including a major cleaning session! The only thing one has to get used to is not using a top coat in order to leave the rough finish. Which also means, that the drying process takes slightly longer but it is not too bad.


I am not sure if the better result came due to no base coat or what the problem was the first time I tried applying it. Maybe it was because it was different colors (and therefore qualities) I tried? Did anyone else have similar problems?

The Liquid Sand colors are available wherever you can OPI or online, including ASOS and Beautybay. The four colors from the Mariah Carey line were only the first Liquid Sand colors – as far as I know there are more to come.

Love, S.

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