Only The Time Shows Who Is A Real Friend… And Who Is Not!

I am always amazed how “wrong” I sometimes was, when it comes to some of my former “friends”. It often still makes me mad. And sometimes sad. Even though of course I do not want to admit it. But I am still so disappointed by some people.

I realized that I am not someone who can take mean remarks from so-called “friends” very good. I am also not very good in keeping calm. I learned that it is never good to swallow things that bug you. And a real friend would never say things to make you feel sad or uncomfortable on purpose. I still do not get why so many people do it. Are they really so insecure that they have to make even the ones close around them feel bad to feel better themselves? Is it just me, or is there something really sick in this kind of thinking?

Of course it is not good to get rid of those “friends” right away. Everyone deserves a second chance. You do not call people “friends” without a reason. But should you really have to tell a “friend” to not flirt with your boyfriend, fiancé, or even husband? Should you have to tell a “friend” that it is not okay to make remarks about your apparent “weight gain” at least once a week (if in reality you actually lost two pounds)?

Give second chances. Talk things over. . . But do not take everything! Do not accept constant mean remarks on your behalf. It will make you unhappy in the long run. Sometimes it might be better to get rid of the people in your life that constantly try to pull you down. It might seem harsh but I realized it is better. And if you realize a few weeks later that you feel better without that person, and that you maybe not even thought about that person in all those weeks, it shows that it was worth it.

Only time shows who your real friends are. Real friends are people you have not seen in weeks, months, or even years – but as soon as you are together in a room for only five minutes it is like you have never spend time apart. I am going to attend a school friend’s wedding in 2 2/1 weeks and I am really looking forward to that because I know I will see some of my real friends again. People I have not seen in weeks, months, and even years – but as soon as we will arrive and celebrate together it will be like no time has passed and we are still 10 years old.

Love, S.

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