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Oh Sephora…

So yesterday I had my last day of work before my little “study vacation”. As a treat (and because I actually needed a few things) I dropped into the city after work and stopped at Sephora.

As yesterday’s pizza post was so long I want to keep this one rather short and let the pictures speak for themselves:

As you can see I bought a wild mixture of things. I actually needed new nail polish remover and I had heard about the one from Sephora, where you can stick your finger into the bottle. I used to have one of those back in the days when I went to school in the States. In Germany we unfortunately never had something like this – so I went for it.

I was also out of my favorite toner from Clinique so I bought another bottle of the number 2 toner. Besides that I was looking for some little plastic containers for flying, so that I do not always have to bring the whole bottle/tube of a product. I picked up one little plastic container but might go back for more. In the same shelf they had dry shampoo in relatively small size and I always wanted to try one out but never wanted to spend the money on a regular size so I thought it was quite convenient that they had those smaller size. Additionally I wanted to look for another blush brush from Sephora. Their brushes are quite good for the money and I went with the angled blush brush 131.

And now to the two products, which just happened to end up in my basket as well: Benefit’s new lip gloss in Coralista and another pot of Figgs & Rouge lip balm. I was tempted by the lip gloss for a while now but never ordered it anywhere. At the counter I was able to try out the color and as I have the blush Coralista as well I decided to go for it (a detailed review will follow soon). Sephora also has all those little things line up in front of the cashier. It is just super tempting to just grab up a few pieces here and there (lip balm, little bath stones, perfume sticks, etc.). Going with “only” one lip balm is actually good 🙂

Love, S.

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