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Nursery Sneak Peek

We are done. Finally. It only took around six months to get this nursery up and running but I can finally say that we are got everything together and it turned out even more perfect than I thought it would.

We wanted to have a room, which is baby and child friendly and appropriate, but not overly “baby”, which also fits style-wise into the rest of our place. As we usually do not have build in closets like in the States a normal bedroom set consists of a bed, nightstands and a closet. Or, for a baby room, of a crib/toddler bed, a changing table and a closet. There are a lot of them out there, the nicer they get the more expensive they also get but most of them have one thing in common (at least for us): they are all quite”babyish”. We found some nice sets we liked but not enough to like them for more than a couple of months and definitely not enough to spend the asked amount of money on them.

Also another thing that always really bothered me with the offered baby closets: they barely had drawers inside but open shelves. That makes me question: have the designers of those closets ever looked at baby clothes and how tiny they are? How should I stack them in those open shelve units without it looking overly messy? I wanted to something with drawers so we decided on creating our own with IKEA. We choose the PAX closet with the same doors we have all over our place, just that for the nursery I got my sliding doors. We got the smaller of the two versions they offer and the less deep one and we picked a 150 cm width, which is plenty of space, even allowing for additional diaper, swaddle and baby stuff storage. For inside we got lots of drawers as well as baskets and the two top left shelves got a hanging rack for hanging dresses and little sweaters. And this suits our needs perfectly and was definitely cheaper than any other option. Plus it will for sure be something she will be able to use for forever (or until it falls apart).


For the changing unit as well as the bed we however wanted to have the same design, as we did not want a completely miss-matched room. Things were supposed to flow together in a way and therefore those two things should look the same. I always wanted to have the Kili bed from Sebra, which is a Danish brand. Considering Christoffer is Danish himself I just thought it would be appropriate and fun to get her that bed as well. Besides that is just look so awesome. Sebra just recently launched the new version of the bed, making it possible to use the bed in 4 different ways: 1. mattress higher up (for newborns), 2. mattress at a lower level 3. mattress at a lower level but without the sides, so the toddler can get out, 4. proper toddler bed which is extend in length.

In addition to the bed, closet and changing table we also wanted a cozy corner for me to sit in while nursing (or just watching) her, and we wanted it to be something we can use all over our place at a later point. Color-wise we stuck to muted colors, which are not too baby, not too girly but still cute (I am using the word cute due to lack of a more appropriate term). As you can see we stuck to muted mint and rose, with lots of white and a little bit of black.








I hope you like how the room looks and I am always open for improvement suggestions or recommendations for other baby stuff. Before you criticize anything, please make sure to ask why we did what we did. And keep in mind that you do not have to like it put us only 🙂 I will list everything we got down below. Should I forget something or you are unsure about something, please let me know.


Love, S. 


Bed: Sebra Interior, Kili Bed in White

Changing Table: Sebra Interior, Kili Changing Table in White

Closet: IKEA, PAX Closet with Hasvik sliding doors (150 cm wide, 201 cm high, 35 cm deep)

Shelf (above changing unit): Oliver Furniture via Snowflake Kindermöbel

Chair: Micasa, Florin Sessel in Mint

Copper Side Table: Interio Schweiz, Chloe Beistelltisch

Light Box: A Little Lovely Company via Amazon

Giraffe: Brio (gift from Christoffer’s parents, however available via Amazon)

Changing Cushion: Cam Cam Copenhagen, Swan Design

Plastic Containers (on top of changing table): IKEA, Variera Box in White

Crochet Rattle: Sebra Interior, Rabbit on Ring (similar design) (gift from Christoffer’s brother and girlfriend)

Metal Baskets (under changing table): Depot, Drahtkorb in Mintgrün

Baskets (under changing table): Depot, exact one not available online

Moon Mobile: Konges Sløjd

Cloud: Konges Sløjd, Single Cloud Mobile

Frames: IKEA, Mossebo in Oak

Carpet: IKEA, Ådum (exact color not available online)

Laundry Basket: IKEA, Bränas Wäschekorb

Diaper Basket: Sangenic via Baby Joe

“I love you more than all the stars” Poster: Eff Lillemor via Snowflake

“I love Ice Cream” Poster: Michelle Carlslund (we bought ours at Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen)

Wall Stickers: Poli & Oli, Black Dots & Closet Eyelashes

Cloud Mobile: Konges Sløjd (in the colors Crystal Pink/Grey Melange/White) (gift from Christoffer’s parents)

Mobile Holder: JabadabaDo via Amazon

Bed Bumper: Konges Sløjd, Parachute Design (gift from Christoffer’s parents)

Bedding: Konges Sløjd (White Satin)

Doll: Käthe Kruse, Klassik Frottee Baby in red/white (gift from my mom – I used to have the same as a baby and loved it to death)

Rabbit 1: Sigikid (exact one not available online) (gift from my mom)

Rabbit 2: Hermann Teddy Original (gift from my friend Denise because she knows how much I love rabbits)

Baby Blanket: Cam Cam Copenhagen, Swan Design

String of Flags: Cam Cam Copenhagen, Nude Mix

Spare Bed Bumper (on top of closet): Liewood, Classic Dots

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